About Kajal Zaveri 

I was born in India and now live  in California.  My background is an MBA in finance and I have worked in various corporate positions in the past .However, since the last few years of my life I have switched careers to being a full time artist and pursuing my main passion in life, art. Painting and art to me, are a manifestation of our innermost feelings, and experiences that we get to share and communicate with everyone else. My goal is to share my world as I see it and capture the mystery and beauty of everything within and around us.

Naturescapes and Cityscapes : The subject matter of my work in this series is largely inspired by nature; this could be the boundless horizons or the wide uninterrupted landscapes, the magnificence of the deep, blue, ocean water, the beauty of the changing seasons, towns dotted along the unending coastlines and ocean fronts, and many such wonderful, special encounters that I have on a daily basis and get to translate onto canvas. The colors and styling of my pieces evoke that sense of gratitude, joy, amazement, and wonderment that I feel every day and that is what I aspire to share with the viewer.

Soulscapes : The basis of inspiration for this series which highlights spirituality, is an attempt is to showcase the similarities in the differences between the east and west, through the use of colors, techniques and the universal themes of belonging, roots, faith, and self belief. This is a tribute to my native country of India, 

I am thankful for the amalgamation of both these experiences and for the bounty, beauty and the blessings around me, which inspires me to dream big and bold, anew. It is my hope that through my art I can initiate a dialogue of commonness and culture and also entice nostalgia and dreaminess. This has always made me approach my paintings with intuition, awe and respect. I enjoy the lack of any rules in art and painting and this makes my work very free flowing, uninhibited, bold and colorful.

My work is currently in many private collections, and is available online through my website and various other online galleries, and Williams Sonoma Home.  (Click Here)

I am open to custom and commissioned work.  If there is anything you like, want to buy something, have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at kajal.zaveri@gmail.com

Exhibitions & Publications:

Apr 23-26,2020 - Art Market SF, Exhibiting artist

Nov 2019 - Village Theater and Art Gallery, Danville, CA- "The 2019 Affordable Holiday Art Show "

Nov 2018 - Singularat , Interview (Link)

Nov 2015-Current- Williams Sonoma Home (Link)

July 2016 - LST Online Gallery- "Featured Artist" (Link)

Dec 2014-April 2015-  City of Berkeley, CA, Economic Development building;  “Eco-Environmental Awareness" show.

Jan 2015- Work made available  on One Kings Lane

Sept 2014-  Olive Hyde Art Gallery,  CA., Group Exhibition,“Hidden Treasures - Local Talent”

July 2014-  Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, CA for the “Summertime Fun Recycling “show

July 2014-  Times Square Billboards, New York, for the See Me Takeover Event

Jan 2014- Empty Easel- “Featured  Artist” - (Link

Dec  2013 - Twilight Gallery, Seattle

July 2013 -“The Story of the Creative”, in New York -international exhibition, 

Apr 2013--  www.greylikesweddings.com. (Link)

Feb 2013- Artpromotivate, - “Featured Artist”  (Link)

Dec 2012- Ugallery.com -  "Artist the Week”  (Link)

Dec 2012- A 10 page portfolio, titled ‘Celebrations”  featured in Still Point Arts Quarterly (Link)

July 2012- Popsugar.com  (Link)

May 2012-  Still Point Art Gallery. - Gallery Artist (Link)

Feb 2012-Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, CA.- Juried Group Exhibition,“Hidden Treasures - Local Talent”


Dec 2013-Top 20 Bestselling artists for 2013 at Ugallery.com (Link)

March 2013-Artslant's 2nd 2013 Showcase Winner, Abstract Category (Link)

Feb 2013-Artslant's 1st 2013 Showcase Winner, Painting Category (Link)

April 2012- “Artist of Distinction”, Still Point Art gallery, and work selected for 'Still Point IV'.

Feb 2012-Honorable Mention Award", Light Space & Time Online Art gallery for their All Women competition