My Soulscapes series has roots in my native country India, and is an attempt to showcase the similarities between the east and west, through the use of colors, techniques and the universal themes of belonging, roots, faith and self belief and is a kaleidoscope paintings depicting Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesh, abstract temples etc.

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  • Pure (SOLD)
  • Energy  Flow (SOLD)
  • Offerings on the Ganges (SOLD)
  • Orange Ganesh (SOLD)
  • Ganesh with Lotus (SOLD)
  • Lotus Ganesh (SOLD)
  • Blue Ganesh (SOLD)
  • Jai Ganapati (SOLD)
  • Ganesh Glorious (SOLD)
  • Moonlight Ganesh (Sold)
  • Om Ganesh (SOLD)
  • Glorious Ganesh (SOLD)
  • Gajanand (SOLD)
  • Radiant Ganesh (Sold)
  • Divine Ganesh (SOLD)
  • Meditation Buddha(SOLD)
  • Meditation Buddha 2 (SOLD)
  • Blue Buddha (SOLD)
  • Buddha (SOLD)